Industry related reliability management
for optimized processes, higher quality and lower costs

Industry related Reliability Management offers special industry solutions that are precisely oriented to your very individual demands, requirements and goals.

RelTest Solutions is your reliable and experienced partner in reliability engineering, helping you to optimize your processes to increase reliability. We provide expert advice on all aspects of reliability management in your industry. In this way, you can meet the quality demands from customers and yourself.

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Individual industry solutions in reliability engineering

Industry solutions in reliability engineering consist of individually designed processes. Reliability engineering permanently solves technical problems that arise. Reliability management deals with product reliability throughout the product development process. We advise you continuously and train you with our concentrated knowledge using trainings, coachings and seminars.

The following is an overview of the industries in which we play a key role in helping companies achieve long-term success.

Medical technology

In medical technology e.g. surgical equipment, implants and prostheses are manufactured that often have to fulfill their functions for many years or even decades without technical problems or even failures occurring. Find out more about reliability management in med-tech here.

Mechanical Engineering

In mechanical engineering, the quality requirements for the systems and components are very high. Reliability management in mechanical engineering relies on precise reliability assurance. Therefore, effective reliability management in mechanical engineering is indispensable.


In the automotive sector, there is a lack of experience regarding the assurance of the new electric and hydrogen drives. Find out how to use reliability management in the automotive sector especially for new technologies to benefit the most from long-tested reliability processes.


The aerospace industry places very special demands on the safety of its personnel and passengers. Learn how to implement highly effective reliability methods all along the product development process to prevent risks. Continuous reliability management all along the product life cycle is key for long term success.

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods industry is characterized by fierce competition. If quality is poor, the customer will simply buy elsewhere. Therefore, reliability management for consumer goods is highly advisable.

Electronic products

Problems with electronic products not only lead to dissatisfied customers – injuries can also result. It’s better to rely on effective reliability management for electronic products.

Renewable Energies

Renewable energy systems – solar, wind, geothermal and hydro – are expected to operate for up to thirty years. A major challenge for manufacturers which can be handled with effective renewable energy reliability management.

Production Engineering

Competition in production technology is challenging. Production processes must be continuously optimized in order to reduce costs and increase profits. Efficient reliability management for production technology also ensures product quality.

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Would you like advice on the reliability of your products? Or would you like to expand your own knowledge on this complex topic? Whatever your concern is: We at RelTest Solutions accompany and support you in all areas of reliability management – professionally, research-oriented, individually.