Reliability management for aerospace

Aerospace has developed rapidly since the Wright Brothers. Even though flying is considered the safest means of transport in the world: it is not without danger even today.

In 2021, the two-year ban on flying the Boeing 737 Max came to an end. The causes of the crash included poor maintenance, faulty spare parts and, above all, the MCAS – an automatic flight assistance system. As you can see, effective reliability management is absolutely essential in the aerospace industry.

We at RelTest Solutions are aware of your special responsibility. We would be happy to help you improve the processes for increasing the reliability of your products so that they meet the highest quality standards. In reliability management, our services and our offer are entirely geared to your goals, requirements and wishes.

As specialists with many years of experience in the field of reliability engineering, we provide you with competent advice on all processes related to aerospace. Your sustainable success is our goal.

Reliability engineering



Application areas in aerospace

Reliability management in aerospace ensures that critical systems are designed and secured in such a way that failures with catastrophic consequences are avoided at all costs. The system architecture must be such that it can meet the safety requirements. In addition, security must be defined at the subsystem and component levels. At RelTest Solutions, we are experts in assisting you with all aspects of aerospace reliability engineering. Reliability management also plays an important role in many other industries.

Reliability engineering as a process of fundamental importance

The reliability engineering process consists of five sub-processes: planning, weak point analysis, testing, validation and prognosis. At RelTest Solutions, we can advise you either in general on all aspects of aerospace reliability engineering or just on individual sub-processes if you wish. We are competent and experienced in the field of aerospace and always have the goal of ensuring your long-term success.

Our services and our offer just for you

Our reliability management services are very diverse and designed directly for your project success. Of course, we always consider your complete product development process. Our aerospace reliability management services include coaching, training and seminars. We are also happy to take on complete work packages. Surely you and your aerospace company have very specific wishes and requirements – we will tailor a completely individual offer just for you.

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In the aerospace industry, good reliability management ensures the future success of your business. We support you with all our experience to help you achieve your goals.