Reliability management as a guarantee of success for electronic products

Reliability management for electronic products is extremely important. Unreliable electronic products lead to dissatisfied customers who look for alternative suppliers and to many problems when the devices become a safety risk for your clients.

Smartphone giant Samsung had to pay dearly for flawed reliability management in its consumer electronic products. The batteries of several Galaxy Note models exploded or burst into flames, putting buyers at considerable risk. Samsung had to recall the smartphones. The damage caused amounted to billions.

You know better and want to convince with the quality of your products. We help you to further optimize your processes to increase product reliability, so that your customers satisfaction also increases even more. Therefore, we are fully committed to reliability management with services and an offer that is precisely adapted to your needs and goals.

At RelTest Solutions, we are experts in reliability engineering. Our mission is to provide you with expert support and the best possible advice in all reliability management processes. In this manner, all measures are geared towards the sustainable and long-term success of your company.

Reliability engineering



Areas of application for electronic products

Reliability management for electronic products can be used in a variety of ways in this industry, e.g. in consumer electronics (televisions, satellite receivers, video cameras, etc.) or in communication technology (for example smartphones, computers and printers). The quality and longevity of your products will pay off.

We at RelTest Solutions have many years of experience in reliability engineering for electronic products and support you in the planning, testing and analysis phases. We also highly recommend our seminar ‘Development and Validation of Electronic Components’. Reliability management is also a success factor in many other industries.

Reliability engineering as a guiding process

The reliability engineering process consists of five sub-processes: planning, weak point analysis, testing, validation and prognosis. We can advise you either generally on reliability engineering for electronic products or only on one or more sub-processes such as planning, validation and weak point analysis – just as you wish. We have a lot of experience in reliability management for electronic products and look forward to providing you with significant support in achieving your business objectives.

Reliability management: Our services and our offer to you personally

Rely on our attractive reliability management services, which will have a significant influence on your future project successes. In the electronic products industry, we always have the complete product development process in mind. Your reliability management for electronic products will benefit greatly from our trainings, coaching and seminars.

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Make your company fit for the future

Professional reliability management for electronic products gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace in the medium to long term. In this way, you actively secure the future of your company. We would be happy to support you on this path as your reliable partner.