Reliability management
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Product reliability is not anchored solely in their development: It encompasses the entire product engineering process (PEP) from the early definition of realistic reliability specifications to ensuring fulfillment by means of appropriate measures.

As a holistic process, reliability management ensures that product reliability has a firm place both in the development and production phase and in field use at the respective plant.

As specialists in the field of reliability engineering, we at RelTest Solutions are at your side in all phases of reliability management. With our proven coaching, training and seminars, we introduce you to the topic of holistic reliability management in a well-founded manner and offer you the necessary know-how to lead your project to lasting success. In addition, as a consulting service provider, we develop individual solutions together with you and support you in mastering your challenges.

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Reliability Management – Processes and Methods

The main task of reliability engineering is to define and ensure specified reliability specifications for a product. It can be viewed as a holistic process of ensuring reliability – from the definition of reliability goals in the planning phase, through the reliability analysis and reliability assurance in the conception and development phase, to safeguarding in production and the reliability prognoses for field use. In order to provide you with the best possible support in terms of the reliability of your products, we have exceptionally high quality standards for our services – after all, well-founded reliability management is a decisive factor in the success of your product.

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Consulting in reliability management

Do you lack the capacity to apply reliability methods in current projects or existing processes? We’ll do it for you. It does not matter whether you want to make use of our reliability management consulting for short-term project work or for long-term process development and research work: We work out solutions that are individually tailored to your needs and are at your side with all challenges.

Coaching in reliability management

Would you like to learn reliability methods and apply them directly in a project, but are under acute time pressure? Then our reliability management coaching is perfect for you. We support you on site with workshops on your problem and take care of the correct and efficient application of reliability methods – while you acquire knowledge in the area of ​​reliability management for current and future projects.

Training in reliability management

With our training in reliability management, we provide you with an optimal introduction to the technical world of reliability technology and test planning. With us you will get to know the most important core elements in order to successfully implement the various processes of reliability management in practice.

Seminars in reliability management

We organize open 2-day reliability management seminars in Stuttgart every year. These compact and practice-oriented lectures offer you a gentle introduction to the complex world of reliability engineering and test planning.

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Would you like advice on the reliability of your products? Or would you like to expand your own knowledge on this complex topic? Whatever your concern: We at RelTest Solutions accompany and support you in all areas of reliability management – professionally, research-oriented, individually.