Reliability management in the automotive industry as a success factor

Electric drives in vehicles play a decisive role in reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gases and also particulate matter. They play an important role in helping us to achieve our ambitious climate goals and to leave our children a world worth living in. However, especially with the new and revolutionary electric and hydrogen drives in the automotive sector, there is hardly any experience so far with regard to reliability.

Therefore, automotive reliability management relies on the systematic application of reliability engineering methods that have been tried and tested over many years, in order to compensate for the lack of experience.

We at RelTest Solutions are happy to help you optimize your processes for increasing product reliability even further, so that they can meet your quality standards. In reliability management, our services and our offers are always fully geared to your individual requirements, wishes and goals.

We are experts in reliability engineering. You can absolutely rely on us to advise you carefully and competently on all processes in the automotive sector. Our focus is on the long-term and sustainable success of your company.

Reliability engineering



Areas of application in the automotive sector

Reliability management in the automotive sector offers many possible applications, for example in braking systems, high-performance batteries or electronics in vehicles in general. We at RelTest Solutions support you with proven reliability engineering methods in the automotive sector. Mercedes-Benz is one of our customers that effectively reduced the number of bench tests and endurance tests for its high-voltage battery storage systems by using simulation methods, which results in significant cost savings.

Reliability management is also used very successfully in many other industries.

Reliability engineering as a central process

The reliability engineering process consists of five sub-processes: Planning, Weak point analysis, testing, validation and prediction.

We at RelTest Solutions are glad to advise you on all aspects of reliability engineering in the automotive industry. We are also happy to support you if you only need advice on sub-processes such as weak point analysis, validation or prognosis. As competent and experts in the automotive sector, we always pursue our overriding goal of maximizing your company’s success and sustainably securing it for the future.

Our services and what we offer you

Our reliability management includes many high-quality services that will benefit you in many ways in the automotive sector. We always keep an eye on the entire product development process.

We accompany you throughout the entire reliability management process in the automotive sector with coaching, seminars and training. If you want to hand over complete work packages to us, we would be pleased to have your trust. Our offer to you is based on the goals and wishes of your company.

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Securing competitive advantages

Electronic drives are still so new that there is little experience regarding safeguarding. Therefore, rely entirely on reliability management in the automotive sector and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. We help you turn your long-term business goals into reality.