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Reliability Engineering deals with the definition and achievement of product reliability targets under individual conditions.

We at RelTest Solutions are long-time experts in the field of Reliability Engineering and advise you on technical reliability along the entire life cycle of your products. Our goal is to bring together statistics and engineering as independent domains of reliability engineering – because the pure application of static methods can lead to incorrect interpretation of failure behavior and in the worst case to product recalls.

As your strong partner for holistic reliability management, we bring together exactly those competencies that will lead your project to the desired success in the long term – from corporate strategic planning and definition of reliability targets to monitoring field operations directly on site at your company. Weak point analysis in early phases of development is just as much a part of our range of services as the development of efficient test programs for quantitative reliability analysis or reliability verification. In addition, we carry out field data analyses and prepare risk assessments based on returns. Our extraordinarily high quality standards run like a red thread through all our services.

Reliability engineering



Reliability Engineering – Experience and quality distinguish us

Reliability engineering – a crucial process for long-term success

The application of well-designed reliability engineering represents a fundamental part of high-quality products. This is because even the most highly developed product can only provide its full performance over the desired service life through equally high reliability. In short, a product is only as good as its reliability engineering!

Reliability management tailored to you

You too can build on the key factor of product reliability and secure a decisive competitive advantage in the long term. We always tailor our reliability management services to your individual needs: We either support you during the project in coaching workshops or take over the processing of complete work packages for you. Would you prefer to expand your own knowledge of reliability engineering? Then take advantage of our diverse seminar and training program or contact us for an individual training.

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Up to date:

We operate directly from the university context and therefore have access to the latest research results. In our industry-oriented research, we continuously develop proven reliability engineering methods to work even more efficiently for you. With us, you benefit from the latest know-how in all areas of reliability engineering.

Visionary Goals:

We see ourselves as consulting project partners: Together with you, we scrutinize your current solutions, support you in planning and implementing visionary goals, and design the reliability solutions of tomorrow with you. Virtual safeguarding or autonomous damage diagnosis? Let our reliability engineering inspire you!

Management Consulting:

Decisions about reliability targets are set by corporate management and have an enormous scope. There is often an essential conflict of objectives: While on the one hand the high reliability targets reduce warranty and goodwill costs, on the other hand they have to be proven in a more complex way. With our reliability engineering, we work out the reliability targets that are suitable for you and your products or, if desired, even develop completely new corporate strategies.

You too can ensure the long-term success of your products!

We at RelTest Solutions are at your personal disposal and look forward to convincing you with our qualitative reliability engineering services.