Reliability management for renewable energies

The importance of renewable energies for the future of mankind cannot be overestimated. Fortunately, the expansion of renewable energies is being subsidized by the state. However, at the same time, it is foreseeable that these subsidies will only be temporary, as they cost the taxpayer a lot of money.

Reliability management in renewable energies faces a challenge because the requirements regarding the lifetime of solar and wind power plants are very high. They are supposed to last thirty years and many plants must permanently withstand elements such as wind and water. The quality standards that you, as the manufacturer of these plants, have to meet are correspondingly high.

We would be happy to support you in increasing the reliability of your products even further. You need customized solutions for your specific requirements. That’s why we tailor our reliability management services and our range of products to you and your company’s goals.

At RelTest Solutions, we are proven experts in reliability engineering. Our mission is to carefully advise you on all processes related to the renewable energy sector. We think long-term with the aim of securing your company’s success permanently and sustainably.

Reliability engineering



Areas of application in renewable energies

Renewable energy reliability management increases the longevity and quality of plants such as solar and wind energy on land and at sea, geothermal energy, hydropower and bioenergy. RelTest Solutions is your competent and reliable partner in reliability engineering for renewable energies. We support you from planning to testing and analysis. Many other industries also benefit from reliability management.

Reliability engineering as a process of outstanding importance

The reliability engineering process is based on five precisely coordinated sub-processes: Planning, Weak point Analysis, Testing, Validation and Prognosis. Where do you need support? Whether you need general advice on reliability engineering for renewable energies or just on sub-processes such as planning, weak point analysis or testing. We appreciate your trust. Rely on our expertise in reliability management for renewable energies. We always pursue the goal that you as a company are sustainably successful in the long term.

Our services and our offer especially for you

RelTest Solutions supports you in reliability management with attractive services that will have a significant impact on your project success. In the renewable energy sector, we always consider the complete product development process. With our seminars, coaching and training, you will significantly enhance your reliability management for renewable energies. We are also happy to take on complete work packages and provide you with an offer that exactly fits to your specific requirements and goals.

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Rely on RelTest Solutions and thus on professional reliability management for renewable energies. You will gain an advantage over your competitors in the medium to long term and thus also make it fit for the future.