Reliability management in medical technology as a decisive factor

There is hardly any other industry in which reliability management is as relevant as in medical technology. The demands on medical technology are extremely high: surgical devices as well as implants and prostheses must function reliably and without any restrictions during the intended service life. Especially in the case of implants, premature failure is associated with premature replacement, which results in unnecessary operations and thus endangerment of patients.

You need a strong partner in all product reliability processes. At RelTest Solutions, we tailor our reliability management services and offerings to meet your unique needs and requirements.

As experts in the field of reliability engineering, our quality standards are extraordinarily high. We provide you with competent advice on all reliability management processes in medical technology. Our primary goal is to support your company so that it is successful in the long-term

Reliability engineering



Areas of application in medical technology

The demands on surgical equipment, prostheses and electronic implants are simply enormous. In some cases, they have to function flawlessly for decades. This is only feasible with flawless reliability management in medical technology. In this way, you can effectively ensure that the reliability of your products can really be planned and measured. We at RelTest Solutions support you in the planning as well as in the tests and analyses.

In addition to reliability engineering in medical technology, there are many other possible applications for reliability management in other industries.

Reliability engineering as a process

Reliability engineering supports product development in the form of an accompanying process consisting of five different sub-processes: planning, weak point analysis, testing, validation and prognoses.

We offer general advice on reliability engineering in medical technology as well as on its respective sub-processes. We are also happy to support you in subareas such as reliability testing, reliability planning or weak point analysis. We are competent and experts for the requirements of medical technology and will support you to ensure that you achieve your goals in the long term.

Reliability management: Our services and what we offer you

We offer you many services in reliability management with which you can effectively ensure the success of your projects. We always keep an eye on the entire product development process in medical technology. We support you in the entire reliability management in medical technology with coaching, training and seminars and help you to realise your project goals. We are also happy to take on complete work packages for you. The focus is on individual solutions that are customised for your respective requirements.

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